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Pink Bunny Pajamas

Sewn in the USA by Aunt Clara herself. When you want to give the gift of warmth, comfort and utter humiliation, Ralphie’s Pink Bunny Pajamas are guaranteed to be the most memorable gift EVER!



Born of necessity in the late fall of 1939 at the foot of the frosty Rockies, Chief Pajama Pioneer and founder Aunt Clara began sewing one-piece, head-to-toe sleepwear for her own children and numerous nieces and nephews who resided in extremely frigid winter climes, from the bitter cold plains of Wyoming to the nippy Northeastern States.

These subzero winters posed a chilling challenge that until Aunt Clara’s ‘Warm and Fuzzy Creations’ were introduced, no pajama maker could match.

Determined to fight frostbitten fingers, ears and toes, and reduce the alarming number of tots lost in blizzards and snowbanks, Aunt Clara’s unique, brightly colored, head-to-toe pajamas received a glacial reception from young boys, but melted parents’ hearts with their rodent-like ears and furry fabrics.

Aunt Clara’s popularity grew as news of her fancy jammies weaved its way from coast to coast.

War Effort

During World War II, Aunt Clara was enlisted to help Allied soldiers fight frostbite and conquer the enemy in the far reaches of Northern Europe, Siberia

and Manchuria. During this period, Flip-Mitts™ were introduced, dramatically improving trigger accessibility and marksmanship. Because of the suit's versatility, soldiers often wore the

bright-colored pajamas underneath their fatigues into battle , thus enemy troops first coined the term “Pink Nightmare!”.

Through the Years

Advances in furnace reliability together with widespread indoor plumbing in rural areas of the U.S. made braving the cold to use the outhouse obselete. Naturally, this led to a decline of the once-popular one-piece jammie, as well as discontinuation of the double-buttoned ‘trap-door.’ From the late ‘60s through the ‘80s, a simplified variation of Aunt Clara’s creation known as the “footsie” or footed pajama enjoyed wide success.


Demand for Aunt Clara’s original head-

to-toe pajamas has grown exponentially in recent years as kids of decades past pine for the carefree bliss that the jammies of their childhood provided so plentifully.


Nestled between Utah’s glistening Great Salt Lake and the majestic Wasatch Mountains, Aunt Clara and her team of

Chief Pajama Pioneer & Founder

talented craftsmen take pride in designing and sewing the world’s preeminent PJs. 

Our Values

We believe that Made in the USA keeps America strong. We believe that passion and pride in craftsmanship trump profit.

We think people who sew are totally cool. We do business by the Golden Rule.

*While Aunt Clara is a real, living person, and really sews her PJs in the USA, Please note that due to her selective memory, some ‘facts’ may be exaggerated.

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