Pink Bunny Pajamas

Sewn in the USA by Aunt Clara herself. When you want to give the gift of warmth, comfort and utter humiliation, Ralphie’s Pink Bunny Pajamas are guaranteed to be the most memorable gift EVER!

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If your question is not answered here, please email us:

Will it fit my loved one who is very heavy and has a really big belly?

If your loved one has a waist or belly 52 inches or less and is 6 feet 5 inches tall or less, it will fit nicely. An inch or two bigger in either direction will make for a ‘snug’ fit.

What if it doesn’t fit?

No problem. Just send it back in the same new condition you received it and we’ll exchange it for a size that fits. (IF we have a size that fits). View the complete Exchange Policy for all the details.

None of your suits are big/small enough. Do you sew custom sizes?

Yes, email us with your measurements and we’ll give you a quote. We will be offering our ‘XL-300’ super size bunny suit for 2010.

Can I wash my Bunny Suit?

Yes, it’s 100% plush fleece and 100% machine washable after removing ear support.

How far down does the zipper go?

The zipper starts just below the chin and unzips straight down to the waist –Great for when ya just gotta ‘go’.

Are the slippers attached?

No, the slippers are not attached to the legs of the suit. This allows you to wear appropriate footwear while skiing, jogging, snorkeling etc. Bunny slippers just can’t handle that kind of abuse.

Is the hood attached?

Yes, the hood and suit are all one piece.

If you get too toasty, the hood can be flipped-back and rest on your back behind your neck, like a hoodie.

Are the mittens attached?

Yes, but revolutionary Flip-Mitts™ allow hands and fingers to exit through slits on inside of wrists, freeing you to type, use your iPhone, eat nachos, pilfer turkey, bowl etc. without unzipping or removing your comfy cozy Bunny Suit.

What’s the best way to pay?

Check-out is fast and easy. Paypal and

all major credit cards are accepted.

For super-fast checkout, use Paypal.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes, we ship anywhere UPS delivers.

When will I get my stuff?

Your chioce: Select Ground, 2nd Day Air or Overnight shipping at check-out. UPS will email your tracking info as soon as your order ships.

All orders placed by 4pm ship same day. We ship daily except Sunday.

Do you sell children’s sizes?

No. Aunt Clara’s sells only adult sizes.

Can I buy just the Red Ryder?

Sorry, Red Ryders are only available in the Christmas Combo at this time.

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