Pink Bunny Pajamas

Sewn in the USA by Aunt Clara herself. When you want to give the gift of warmth, comfort and utter humiliation, Ralphie’s Pink Bunny Pajamas are guaranteed to be the most memorable gift EVER!

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*To prevent exhaustion or dehydration, always remain properly hydrated while performing strenuous activities in Pink Bunny Suit. 

**Study conducted between Halloween and New Years.   NEVER play with fire, explosives or approach open flame while wearing Pink Bunny Suit.

    10 More Great Reasons

1. Soft as a puppy inside and out.

2. An exact and authentic reproduction.

3. Three sizes guarantee a ‘pefect’ fit.

3. 100% sweatshop free. Our Bunny Pajamas are Sewn in the USA.

4. Serious snuggle magnet.

5. Ski and board in these! Look killer on black diamonds, bunnny hills or pond skimming.

6. Great for sledding, snowcaving, snowmobiling and figure skating.

7. Just add eggs in the Spring for a surprise Easter Bunny appearance.

8. In the Fall, grab a bag, hit the street and you’re ready to Trick-or-Treat.

10. The most precious thing you’ll

ever see in your whole life.

Email us! your reason!

    Baggy by Design

Aunt Clara’s patented Shar-Pei Fit™ allows for maximum stretching, snuggling and cuddling comfort while ensuring your loved one never grows out of their beloved bunny suit.


Revolutionary Flip-Mitts™ allow you to dig into that turkey bare-handed without gettin’ your mittens greasy.

    Adjustable Antennae

Adjust your ‘Rabbit Ears’ into the position that best transmits your personal freakuency and receive mixed signals from others.

    Poofy Tail

Fluffier than a fat white cat in a Fancy Feast ad, it’s like a snowball from heaven: Soft and cushy to the touch. No one can resist giving it a squeeze.

    Save Money & Energy

Zip-on your bunny suit and flip off the heating. Wearing a Bunny Suit will save you hundreds on gas and electric bills.

    Look Phat, Burn Fat*

Test subjects burned up to twice the calories while participating in activities wearing Pink Bunny Suits than without. While most reported some weight loss, many reported massive gains.**

    Removable Slippers

The bunny slippers are separate from the suit, allowing you to wear appropriate footwear while skiing, jogging, snorkeling etc. Fuzzy bunny slippers just can’t handle that kind of abuse.

    All Joking Aside...

Pink Bunny Pajamas make the most superb gag gift ever. But we Quadruple-Dog-Dare you to find a pair of warmer, softer, comfier jammies anywhere!

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