Pink Bunny Pajamas

Sewn in the USA by Aunt Clara herself. When you want to give the gift of warmth, comfort and utter humiliation, Ralphie’s Pink Bunny Pajamas are guaranteed to be the most memorable gift EVER!


We’re Not Perfect

Some of our pajama parts simply aren’t produced in the U.S. In these cases, imported products are purchased from responsible U.S. businesses. These include some specialty fabrics produced in Korea, labels (India), pink slippers (China) and googly eyes (Japan).

A Necessary Evil?

The vicious cycle of developing products in the U.S., then mass-producing them with cheap, overseas labor is too often the ONLY mindset when creating products.

Businesses rationalize irresponsibility with phrases like: “It’s a necessary evil”, or “Its a global market”, while focusing solely on profit and turning a blind eye to human and environmental atrocities.

Sewn in the USA

We believe in doing business by the Golden Rule. As a result, we believe that the incredibly skilled seamsters and seamstresses who sew our suits must be fairly compensated for their time and talents. They also deserve a clean, enjoyable and lawful work environment.

For these reasons and many more, we sew all our pajamas in the USA.

This is very expensive, up to five times the cost of sewing our pajamas in China. But unless we can inspect and guarantee that our employees are respectfully treated in every way, we will continue to keep all our labor in the U.S.A.

The benefits of supporting our neighbors, friends and the U.S. economy are worth every penny even if it means a lot less ‘pennies’ for us.

Happy employees are a priority for us and we hope our customers embrace our values. We wouldn’t do it any other way.

The True

Cost of ‘Bargains’

We learned early-on that whenever we get something in our global market for ‘a steal’, it’s usually just that - Stealing.

Someone somewhere is getting robbed. Whether it’s the human cost of cheap labor, unfair wages, inhumane conditions, high risk of injury or an environmental cost, there’s a reason you’re getting that item for a bargain. It’s because someone or something has already suffered and ‘paid the price’ to make that item inexpensive for you.

Let’s be Responsible

We’re unwilling to contribute to the epic health and environmental epidemic in China. It’s wrong.

There’s a better way. It can be done.

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Each pin locates an American business or factory that manufactures American-made

parts or provides services for our pajamas.

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