We’re Back!

Pink Bunny Pajamas Slippers

We’re back. 

We’re finally back. After a hiatus for several years, we’re getting ready to bring the joy of PinkBunnyPajamas into your life again. We still have a lot to do – finishing our new website, creating new children sizes, solidifying deals with new manufacturers, and inventing new surprises that will dazzle your friends and family and brighten any holiday or special occasion. 

So, if you’ve been emailing us for years hoping to get your plush, pink bunny pajamas, now’s your chance. Just pre-order and we’ll get your pajamas to you in time to celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner in fluffy pink and white. And if we don’t deliver before Thanksgiving Day, we’ll give you a full refund. If you want to follow our progress and get updates on the latest developments, sign up for our newsletter below. 


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